Drumming presentation in the longhouse at Sainte-Marie            

National Indigenous Peoples Day

Grades 3 and up

National Indigenous Peoples Day
Now in its 9th season!

Experience a special Free-Flow program on June 21!
Teachers and Students! Celebrate National Indigeous Peoples Day at Sainte-Marie among the Hurons. Create a personalized day of activities and events on our historic site and celebrate the contributions of Indigenous Peoples to Canada.
• Interactive Indigenous drumming & dancing with guest performers
• A Voyageurs’ re-enactment vamp
• Hands-on Indigenous games, historical cooking, basket-making, and much more!

Students and teachers can free-flow to many hands-on activities on the historic site including bannock making, Indigenous foods in the Sainte-Marie cookhouse, making and playing the Indigenous “ring and pin” game, lacrosse demonstrations, and traditional planting of “The Three Sisters” seeds of corn, beans, and squash.  Additional activities will include the demonstration of waterway locks and traditional fire starting.

Aztec dancer performing on National Aboriginal DayIndigenous culture will come to life on the historic site with outstanding performances of drumming, singing and dancing.  

Each teacher will receive a handbook detailing over 20 locations outside or in reconstructed buildings where they will find activities, demonstrations and entertainers celebrating Indigenous culture and heritage.

Available: June 21

Group cost: $12 per student, complimentary supervisors

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